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Yammer is like Facebook for your business - it connects your team and facilitates social interactions, collaboration and information discovery.

Yammer and AffinityLive can work hand in hand to help keep everyone in the loop about clients, jobs, issues and sales by publishing a steady stream of key activities from AffinityLive across into Yammer's stream feature.

There are four different things that are published from AffinityLive to Yammer's activity stream. These are:

  1. When an AffinityLive user sends a non private/confidential email to a client which gets captured in AffinityLive
  2. When an AffinityLive user staff logs time through the work screen or a an activity.
  3. When an AffinityLive user creates or updates a company, prospect, job/project or issue.
  4. When an AffinityLive user uses a status progression to update a company, prospect, job/project or issue.


The benefits of this include:

  • Users in Yammer can more easily discover the other things going on in your business, and follow links quickly and easily back to AffinityLive
  • When Yammer users perform a "search", objects that live in AffinityLive - things like client accounts, sales, projects, etc - are returned in the index of results.


1. To integrate AffinityLive with Yammer, you should first sign into your Yammer account in the same web-browser. Just open a new window or a new tab and sign in.

2. Click on your username in the top right, and choose "Integrations" from the drop down list. Now on the Integrations Summary page, click Connect under the Yammer section.

3. If you're logged in as per step 1, you'll see your own picture and domain in the window that opens. Simply click on "Allow".

You're now connected - whenever you do one of the four things listed in at the top of this page, you'll see a notification pushed to the Yammer activity screen.

Special Note for Admins of Paid Yammer Domains

If you've claimed your domain on Yammer (using the paid, not free version), when you connect your AffinityLive account to Yammer you'll actually be connecting with special powers.

To help improve the usefulness of Yammer across your company, even if not all users have connected their AffinityLive and Yammer accounts, we're able to use the additional powers of your administrator level Yammer account to post to the Yammer stream on behalf of other users.

So, if you're an admin and you just connected your account, good news - you've just effectively connected all of your AffinityLive users to Yammer!